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SOLD - Painted Pantry Box
Delightful 7-inch painted pantry box; very old original paint and some information from the deceased former owner. This box is near mint and I purchased it from the elderly daughter of a collector. His receipt for this box is inside of it: "American painted box, circa 1850, purchased 1991 - $1500." All written on a tavist tablet scratch pad. Also inside the box is information from an old, old maine antique digest paper (?) which discusses a decorated pine box by John Colvin.

It is signed on the bottom "HTC" and is one of those luscious painted things that drives us to a state of euphoria when we feel and touch it! Brush marks, globs of paint, "How'd he do that?", "Where'd he get that idea?" sort of thing. There are no doubts about this box; it's got it all and I can feel the spirit! Questions? Please ask. More pictures? Please ask.


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