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     I have been an antique dealer for over 40 years and currently have a store in Toledo, Ohio. I exhibit at an occasional antique show and don’t think I will ever retire!

     We dealers have gone through so many changes in the last few years with our businesses; price values, selling venues and getting older. A positive thinking dealer will always come through – and that I am. Forming a respectful relationship with clients, being friendly & outgoing, and being a person of integrity goes a long way in the selling end of this business. I buy what I like for you: shaker items, sewing tools, folk art of all kinds (the painted and the not), Americana and early glass, red ware pottery, children’s items and many other categories.

     Please feel free to browse this website and ask questions of the items of your desire. I will happily send additional pictures too. Thank you for visiting!

Barbara Rochelle Antiques

(419) 841-4789